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Date:2009-04-30 22:26
Subject:Money Raising Post

For a limited time: For $20 you can get a two question tarot card reading from me.

davensjournal@gmail.com or post here.

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Date:2008-12-30 17:40
Subject:Flash Drive Express

Long saga of being fucked....


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Date:2008-12-27 15:24
Subject:For Sale:


I just came into possession of several 500 Gigabyte External Portable Hard Drives. These are the features:

Name: 2.5 Inch Portable Hard Drive with Leather Cover
Description: Small and easily portable hard drive.

Key Features:
•Leather cover
•Powered by USB
•USB 2.0 Interface
•LED Status Indicator
•2.5" SATA HDD
•Transmission 480 Mbps
•Buffer memory 8MB
•Running Speed 5400 RPM

Price Includes:
•User's Manual
•USB Cable

I'm selling these at the insane price of $50 each. If you look in most catalogs you will see that a HDD of this size and quality is usually $150 or more. This is a limited time offer, and when this group of HDDs are gone, that's it.

Please contact me with your name, your mailing address (to ship this to) and PayPal me the money at daven@davensjournal.com. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping as I have to get to the post office to ship these.

(and if you want to link others to this post, please feel free to do so.)

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Date:2008-11-27 11:26
Subject:CAT HELP


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Date:2008-05-11 19:04

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Who is that, striding through the desert! It is Davensjournal, hands clutching a jeweled meat hammer! And with a gutteral grunt, his voice cometh:

"I'm going to smash you until the sun burns out, and trade you for a candy bar!!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

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Date:2007-12-12 15:06
Subject:Intro Post for those who are new friends

Okay, I'm going to put up this post for those of you who are new to this journal, or those of you who don't know me from LiveJournal.

I'm Daven. My mundane name is Eric Landrum. I live in Nashville. I am a geek.

I game. I played AD&D when it was new, I play GURPS, BattleTech and online RPGS set in anime worlds. I have familiarity with many systems including Paranoia, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other Strangeness, Palladium RPG, Marvel Superheros, Star Trek RPG, and many others. It was my life when I was young. Yes, I played First Edition and Second Edition AD&D, and I still have the books (INCLUDING the Melnibone/Cuthulu Deities and Demigods). I have a whole two shelves dedicated to the SUPLIMENTS to the games, not just the games themselves. I unfortunately lost the 3rd edition GURPS rulebook and I miss it.

I am a father and husband. As you may have seen from my profile, I am happily married to my wife of 16 years, in a somewhat open relationship (we have permission to sleep with others with the spouse's approval and knowledge, although it has only happened about four times) and are totally dedicated to each other. We have also been actively looking for a third member to join us, with some very specific criteria, not the least of which is that she would have to be bisexual. Female preferred, but males not dismissed. And no, I don't push this on anyone. We just keep our eyes open.

I am an IT geek. I work in computers. I work on computers. I'm the guy that comes to your desk and fixes what is broken and brings a new computer to you when yours wears out. I'm a COMPUTER GOD!!!

< ahem >

Until February 2007, I was (un)happily employed at a nationwide insurance firm (coughDIRECTINSURANCEcough) and they fired me after a campaign of five years to get me to quit. Unfortunately I can't prove anything so I can't take any action. The stress levels were through the roof. I sometimes still have nightmares about it. Now I'm unemployed and looking HARD for a new job. I have a temp assignment that isn't supposed to last past January 15th 2008, and so I'm worried. Thankfully this has allowed us to get all the bills caught up, but not paid in advance. So hopefully this will change soon.

I'm Daven of Daven's Journal ( http://davensjournal.com ). If you know the site, wonderful. If not, then don't worry about it. I'm an author with many articles to my name, some published, some referenced in books, and one guest article in Lupa's and Taylor Elwood's book about Kink Magick. Yes, I spell Magick with a K, get used to it. I review other's books and post those to my website, and I'm a regular contributer to "Rending the Veil", an online e-zine of articles relevant to the professional magickian.

I'm also Sir Eric/sub.eric of Black Rose Floggers ( http://blackrosefloggers.com ) a website dedicated to making high quality toys that can give a beating and keep going for reasonable prices. There is no reason to have a whip that doesn't last two sessions that costs $200. If I pay that much for something, I want to be able to take it into the deepest bush out there and be attacked by wild animals and still know that it will work. Same with the restraints. Same with the harnesses and so on. They are all hand crafted by me, and if they are for magickal use I will even add in my magickal blessings and rites to the tool.

I'm Seax-Wican. That is the tradition I started off in, and what I continue to practice to this day. I'm an initiated Druid of the Ord Draiocht na Usinech (Druid Order of Usinech) which has disbanded. It's an offshoot of The Henge of Keltria. I've been writing about metaphysics, magick, Astral Projection, Wicca, Druidism and Witchcraft for many years, and I've been studying aspects of metaphysics since I was 4. I'll be 40 January 12, 2008 just to give you a point of reference. I'm also an Ex-Mormon.

I am a crossdresser and I also enjoy BDSM. Both those are tied in with each other and while I'm officially a Switch, being able to dominate and submit almost in the same scene, I tend to be the bottom position more often than not. I'm going through a time here in my life where I am exploring being a service slut and taking care of the domestic duties of our house, and am looking forward to making my maid's uniforms (not the frilly French Maid fantasy, this is the real working uniforms that you dust and scrub floors in). I have been told in the past that I do one of the most tasteful transformations to a woman ever, and I know I can pass for a female at a distance (my face is too masculine). I can run in 5" heels and I've worn 30" corsets for upwards to 12 hours (for reference, that was a 6 inch reduction). I'm six feet tall and if asked I'll show you pictures of me in drag.

I'm a therian, cat type. That means that in addition to constantly feeling that I am male AND female in equal measure in my head, I also am a cat, housecat to be specific. I enjoy stretching and playing and being stroked and rubbed. I wish my real housecats would play with me instead of run when I get ready to play with them, but I understand a 250 lb cat would freak a 12 lb cat out. In addition to this, I have strong connections to Horse, Fox (kitsune), Deer (Native American), and Eagle. I commune and talk to them a lot, although Deer and I have been drifting apart lately. I've been adopted by the Japanese Dragons and I'm working with them quite a lot lately.

I astrally project quite a lot, although I haven't achieved a full body separation. I send my mind and consciousness to other places and can manipulate things there. I call it remote viewing, although many in the pagan community were all over me for that terminology. I can unconsciously or while sleeping send my soul out of my body, but I am working on being able to do that with conscious control. It's very hard. I made it several times, and when I did I normally managed to scare myself back into my body, and my reaction was to lock that down.

I like looking at pretty girls. I guess I'm a lesbian in that I love women. That includes looking at 15 year olds and older. Younger than that just isn't my taste, and I only look until they are about 25 or so. But I enjoy looking and flirting. And this has caused me some problems. But looking and talking (clean, flirting and so on) doesn't hurt. And when I'm told it's over I back off. I have a facination for bushijo which is the cute Japanese anime.

I also am into various female fashion from different times. Japanese culture and life, both medevial and current absolutely facinates me, and if given the choice I would live in Japan. I love kimonos and I want to get a formal kimono for me (female type) and a full hakima and top for a samuari as well. I was taking Martial Arts when I was 15, but times have changed and I don't have the money for lessons anymore. But I also like Victorian England and the fashions of the time there. Corsets and gowns, steampunk and waiscoats look divine. And yes, I would wear them just as I would want others to wear them. They look heavenly. Then there are the cheongsam which I adore. And so on.

Yes, I can wear and function in heels. I can run in them, so I know what you ladies go through. Heck, I wear 7" hooves that are platform heels so I know, okay? LOL

So, this journal is about me. Any and all these topics can and will be discussed at various points. I rant and complain, bitch, whine, moan, talk about, obsess about, think about, work out and write about all these topics and more. All of them work for me as each of these are just a facet of who I am. If this offends you, then I understand.

Some of you have I friended for various reasons. Most are here because they were my friends at LiveJournal (refugee here) but I have met a couple others here that I didn't know before. If you want to go, that's good and I'll say goodbye. But if you want to stay, let's see just how deep this rabbit hole is, shall we?

I have some filters that I'm going to set up. Let me know if you want to be on them.

* Whine This is for me being a whiny baby, mostly to get it off my chest.
* BDSM This is for me to explore options in trying to combine BDSM and Priesthood issues and for anything dealing with Leather life, culture or just me talking about those issues relating to them. It will be at times explicitly sexual in nature, or which not everyone wants to see.
* Work This is for me to put up issues about my job. Going to be unused right now
* Therian For me to explore my animal side
* Magick This is by invitation only, you can request, but since it deals with some really esoteric and personal/private subjects, unless I really know you and trust you, you won't be on it. Highly slective.
* Bunnyhunt for posting on things dealing with getting rid of the fluff in the world and online paganism.
* Jobhunt This is for stuff relating to finding employment
* CG This is for my issues with gender dysphoria and trying to work them out.

I will also have a "trusted" filter, and that is for those I would entrust with my daughter and my wife and my last five dollars if I had to disappear. They are also those I would call to help me hide a body.

I'm leaving this post public so comment at your own risk. Yes, this is a lot about me, but it's all stuff I have said in other places so none of it is really really private. The private stuff will be under flock and key.

Comment if you want to be added to my journal or if you want to be added/removed from specific filters.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a nice day.

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Date:2007-12-04 06:02
Subject:FLOCKed for a reason

Sorry, but this is a Friend's Only journal. I have a neato graphic I could display, but I'm not going to here.

There's a reason for this. I had a journal like this which was open to all. It was a way to make new friends and find those with similar interests to mine. But I was working for a company who believed that their employees were nothing more than soulless automotons that shouldn't have any interest besides work. I was also a non-conformist and complained about work in my journal.

Those same bosses read those entries then used that information to mark my performance reviews down lower. Cited reasons? Dissatisfied, complaining all the time, poor attitude and so on. I went four years straight on some kind of probation and without getting any kind of pay increase.

When I found out what they were doing, I locked my journal up. Now I do the same here. Sorry.

Oh, want to friend me? Comment here and I'll look at your journal and see if we have enough in common that I feel we could be friends. My profile has most of the stuff on me there.

my journal